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Brandi's Favorites


Bone, joint, hair, nails and gut repair
1 scoop in my daily morning drink!



Great for fasting
Improve mental clarity and ease morning fasting time for fat burning

Missing Pasta?

GF, Grain-Free...
I enjoy these both cold or hot. Be sure to rinse before use. No need to boil.


Great with greens too!
Easy first meal or on the go option

Healthy and Convenient

Nightshade Free

Ketchup and BBQ Sauces!
Only a little sugar too!

Nightshade Free

So yummy and even good in recipes for the Instapot!


Makes my life easier!
This one is a must!

Air Fryer

Non Toxic Materials
All stainless and a large cooking space.

GF & Grain Free!

Crackers for real!
In moderation...

Quick Grabs

Beef Sticks

Great for hiking!
Our grandsons love these!

Epic Bars

So many choices!
Another great quick grab!

Grain-Free Chips!

Salty and crunchy!
My daily crunch with lunch!


So easy!
These are a MUST have for me!

Miss soy sauce?

Coconut aminos!
This makes all the difference!

Healthy and delish!

Bone Broth Protein

Yummy Shakes!
Great meal replacement choice!

Bone Broth

Great for your gut health!
No need to freeze.

Cream Cheese!

Almond milk baby!
Gut healthy with Live Cultures too!

Pastured Ghee

Easier to digest!
My hubby's Bullet Proof Coffee every day!

Coconut oil

Healthy fats!
Amazing for sautes