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The Path For Health


Do you ever feel overwhelmed and don't know how to implement all the latest wellness advice?

You aren't alone!

Join me each and every week for LIVE teaching, Q and A, motivation, support, and resources to help you finally get the results you desire for your health.

This is a private group of women over 40 who are struggling to find answers through diet and lifestyle changes.

  • Low energy
  • Joint Pain
  • Sleep problems
  • Weight problems
  • Autoimmune disease
  • Hormone struggle
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Does The Path get results?

Would it surprise you to know that the most common complaints that cause someone to make a doctor's appointment are joint pain and fatigue? Let's take a look at what a few diet and lifestyle changes can do!

Meet a few of the Path For Health members:

Deb Johnson

Over 25 lb weight loss

Deb was a student in my blood sugar detox course called Restart. During the 5 week course Deb completely re-vamped her diet and began a healthy weight loss journey. Since joining the membership, she has continued to lose weight and is not close to 30 lbs lost!

Here is one of her group posts:

"The other day at work my boss made some popcorn.  Now, the microwave is on the other side of my office, so of course ya'll know what that smells like... I used to enjoy popcorn but haven't had any for 6 mos. as I have chosen to leave that out of my diet.  Well, the funniest, most amazing thing happened...  I actually enjoyed the smell - but I had no urge or want to eat any!!  Praise God! "  

Linnea Sandvall

Smoother Perimenopause

Linnea suffered with typical perimenopause symptoms that included hot flashes and food cravings.

Since working with me one on one and then joining The Path membership, she has not only eliminated her food cravings but enjoys daily intermittent fasting!

"Sometimes (I fast) from 6pm until 12pm. Other times I have gone longer. I enjoy how it makes my body use its stored fat. :) I also like how it changes the mental game from "I need to eat" to "I know my body already has what it needs to function, I can wait to eat." 

Linnea is now sleeping great, and said good by to migraines, hot flashes and extra weight!

She has great energy throughout her day now without afternoon fatigue.

This helps her get her important work done as a Christian education writer.

Melissa Wingo

Done with dieting

Melissa is a busy mom who also runs her own business. Now that she is 40 she was ready to tackle her lifelong weight and digestive issues for good!

She is both a private client and a member of The Path. Melissa continues to easily keep off over 25 lbs of weight that she has shed.

She went from 3 meals and 2 snacks a day, consuming dairy and sweets to be satisfied with 2 meals and never needs a snack!

Her lifelong digestive issues like bloating are a thing of the past.

She walks every day in the mountains, strength trains 2x's a week and is very active with her family, even at social events with lots of poor food choices.

She is finally living the healthy life that she has dreamed off and doesn't feel like she is on a diet!

You don't have to walk this journey alone.

We truly are Better Together.

Weekly LIVE

Teaching, Q&A, motivation and tips that are all recorded to play back when it fits your schedule.

Resources and Guides

I compile easy to understand and implement recommendations that will help you make progress from where YOU are right now.


Our closed Facebook group is a great place to connect with other women who are making the same choices you are. We share ideas, triumphs and even help troubleshoot together!

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Why I do this...

It's been a 10-year journey for me that started out with perimenopause symptoms at 38. Pretty common. But what we eventually realized is that I had developed an autoimmune disease. There were many overlapping symptoms that I was unaware of.

This changed my life. I went from a large gym-owner and trainer to a full-time nutritionist (I went back to school!) specializing in perimenopause and autoimmunity, specifically body and joint pain.

My passion has been re-shaped and I love it!

This is something every woman can achieve, peace, joy and wellness, no matter your season in life or if you have an autoimmune disease like I do.

I have a full life and I would love to walk with you and lead you to your own wellness journey on The Path For Health.

I hope you join us, my friend!


I want to be a Path Member Brandi