Helping you relieve body and joint pain naturally!

I help Christian women over 40 reduce joint pain and improve their overall health by teaching them how to heal with simple food and lifestyle strategies so they have boundless energy and feel free emotionally and physically to do the work that they are called to do.

10 Steps to reduced pain and more energy!
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Hi, I'm Brandi.

I have always understood the power of food as medicine and since my diagnosis of Spondyloarthopy (inflammatory arthritis that affects every joint and muscle in my body), and early-stage Lupus, and most recently possibly RA on top of that. However, I have used that power to regain my health and emotional freedom. I have less pain and more energy because of my daily choices.

When I turned 38 when my health started falling apart and like many women, I had to deal with doctors just blaming it on my age! I was so frustrated! I didn't want their prescriptions to just cover up my symptoms.

Hormones did NOT explain how I was feeling both in my body and in my mind! I knew there was something natural I could do to look and feel like myself again.

Restoring your health doesn't have to be overwhelming and it doesn't have to be a full-time job.

I layout simple, easy to understand, and implement plans and support systems that will give you back the free and easy body you remember.

Let me teach you how food can heal!

Functional Nutritional Therapy Practioner and personal trainer.

Owner of The Path

Creator of Restore®

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Do you struggle with accountability? Are you overwhelmed by conflicting wellness advice? Do you wish you could have more support and advice when it comes to diet and lifestyle without having to hire a nutritionist?

Check out The Path For Health membership. Work with a nutritionist in a group setting! Finally, get the results you need to live a life full of energy and purpose!

A Few Client Succuss Stories

"My life has been completely turned around! I’ve lost over 40 lbs and am in the best shape I’ve been in for years!  Brandi’s knowledge and enthusiasm are real differentiators, I know she is invested in me and in my success. Game Changer!!!!

-Ann Berg, Ca

Since becoming a Path Member..."I've noticed reduced joint pain and an increase in energy."

- Margie Thompson, Ca

"After 2 knee replacements and working with Brandi loyd for a year I lost 62 lbs and got my life back! "

 -Jen Hawks, Ca

You CAN learn how to be consistent with your diet and lifestyle!

Having a smooth time through perimenopause and into menopause when you have autoimmune disease is possible!

When your body hurts all the time your life changes: exercise feels impossible, decreased social experiences lead to depression, and poor food choices which make joint and body pain worse! It is a vicious cycle but there is hope!

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Women Restoring Our Health And Faith Over 40!

Are you looking for a safe place to learn more about managing hormone balance? Do you often wonder is your fatigue is from "the change" or maybe an autoimmune problem?

You aren't alone! Join the group ladies!

Private Facebook Group                                            

Do you feel overwhelmed by the amount of wellness information address chronic pain, illness, weight loss, and hormone issues?

Let ME sort it out, break it down, and deliver the most important and powerful strategies to help you get your life back.

Each month we ladies focus on a wellness theme like:

  • How to be a stored fat burner
  • How to navigate perimenopause smoothly
  • How to heal your gut
  • How to end daily fatigue
  • How to reduce body pain and inflammation!
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Understanding the pillars of wellness

My R.e.s.t.or.e.® program focuses on 7 areas that will reduce your pain and fill you with energy!

I teach you how to stay consistent and implement small but powerful changes that lead to RESULTS.

  • Rest. Learn how to better manage physical, emotional, and environmental stress factors.
  • Eat. I show you how to implement healthy foods that nourish your body in a way that improves hormone function and promotes stored body fat for increased energy and weight loss.
  • Sleep. Learn how to finally get a full night's rest and wake up refreshed.
  • Tribe. Become a part of our like-minded community to educate and support your wellness journey.
  • Open up. Understand the value of your faith and spiritual life for healing.
  • Repair. Learn how to eat a low inflammation diet to reduce joint pain and heal your gut.
  • Exercise. Learn how to move for longevity in ways that won't leave you sore and discouraged.
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Meet Leah.

" I was 50 years old, overweight, didn’t have a great diet, tired all the time, I couldn’t keep up with my family, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, blood sugar dips, and stomach issues. I needed to drop the pounds, learn how to eat well.

Brandi worked on not only my nutrition but also on my self-esteem and self-worth.

I am 50lbs lighter, off BP meds, no HBP anymore, no more low blood sugar dips during the day. I used to eat Pepsi and chocolate to get my blood sugar up but then it would crash down.

My cholesterol is way good! I dropped 4 pant sizes and feel better about myself. My neck is thinned out, and my stomach and thighs too. I sleep great! I now walk 2 miles a day and bought a rowing machine and row every other day! I even took a hike with my family and saw the ocean view that I couldn’t have done before!"

Leah Hendricks, Ca

Let's make your plan.

RESTORE® = Rest. Eat. Sleep. Tribe. Open Up. Repair. Exercise.  

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